Monthly Membership Programs at Center for Men*

* this membership is for our cash pay patients who do not have insurance coverage or prefer to bypass the hassles of insurance

GainsWave Monthly Membership*

Program Monthly Fee $300

To be eligible for this program patient must complete a round of treatment before they can join. Treatment packages of 6 or 12 treatments are available.

Membership includes a GAINSwave treatment each month and a 30-Day supply of Sildenafil or Tadalafil each month.

Testosterone Monthly Membership*

Program Monthly Fee $200

Program includes an initial evaluation with Provider with full laboratory panel to determine if patient qualifies for treatment. Patient will be responsible to pay for the New Patient examination & labs before enrolling.

Membership includes the following services related to testosterone therapy: laboratory visits with Provider, labs, Annual Exam with labs, and a 30-Day supply of Testosterone & Anastrozole. Patient can elect to self-inject at home or visit clinic weekly for their injection.
* Membership does not include any other type of service, i.e. acute visits, lab discussions, etc.
To learn more or enroll in our Membership Programs please call 918-622-2500 or complete the following form: